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Alonzo Black

With over 20 years in business, the founder and owner of Zobe Photography has a vast amount of experience in a variety of types of photography. Zobe Photography is just one division of the conglomerate, Zobe Entertainment, Inc. which also consists of Zobe Models, & Talents Agency, Zobe Magazine, Zobe Records, Zobe Fashions, Zobe Shoes, Zobe TV Network, and more. 

Alonzo Black started within the entertainment industry as a child model and has been within the industry ever since in a variety of roles. Ever since he picked up his first camera we was always told that he had an eye for a great image. This led him to continue taking photos of everything and everyone that he could as he began to upgrade his camera and equipment over the years.

Mr. Black is now experienced in weddings, realty (commercial/residential), baby showers, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, family reunions, pets, galas, elopements, fashion, modeling, music, concerts, and more. Equipment he uses includes DSLR camera, lighting, backdrops, and more depending upon the needs of the shoot. He is available to shoot on-location/outdoors, in your home/business/on your property, or capable of shooting in studio for additional costs due to COVID-19.



These are some of our current and past clients.

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